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Dr Jemila Chadwick

Registered Psychologist 90-07285

Jemila Chadwick photo_edited.jpg

Dr Jemila Chadwick is a dedicated, empathetic, and reflexive Psychologist. She has spent her career working as a teacher and Psychologist within diverse and multicultural localities in both the UK and Aotearoa New Zealand. Her area of professional specialism is supporting children and young people who have social, emotional, and mental health needs and are at risk of school exclusion. Dr Jemila Chadwick aims to deepen understanding of the cultural, societal, psychological, and biological factors at play in young people’s development. She works to challenge dominant narratives that place vulnerable young people at risk of inequity and marginalisation. She aims to promote social justice in her work. Dr Jemila Chadwick believes that every young person can thrive and succeed when provided with the right opportunities, nurture, and supportive relationships.


University of Sheffield

Doctor of Educational and Child Psychology

Leeds Metropolitan University

Postgraduate Certificate in Education

University of Leeds

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology

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