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About us

Psychological and section 27 background and cultural report experts.

What we do

CulturalWise is an independent report writing organisation with the largest team of report writers in New Zealand that provides objective expert psychological and s 27 background and cultural reports for offenders before sentencing.

We work with the Public Defence Service, Legal Aid lawyers and criminal defence counsels to provide the most equitable sentencing outcomes for offenders by providing the Court with expert reports that sheds light on the offenders’ personal, family, whanau, community, and cultural background.

We utilise a blend of structured and unstructured psychological interview methodologies to uncover engaging narratives that identifies the causal nexus between the offenders’ background and the offending.​

Our philosophy

We aim to produce the most accurate and authentic reports by employing a variety of industry standard best practices and ongoing training and development for our report writers.  

We believe only a reliable report prepared by writers with high levels of cultural competence and sensitivity can truly meet the purposes and principles envisioned by Parliament in the Sentencing Act 2002.


Our reports can be relied on by the Courts to assist in the offender's rehabilitation and reintegration while providing for the interests of the victim in reaching an appropriate and equitable sentencing outcome that is unclouded by uncorroborated and speculative narratives, which may otherwise lead to unjustified discounts at the expense of the interests of the victim. 

Our team

Our report writers possess the appropriate skill and knowledge specific to various cultures and have the capacity to meaningfully communicate in cultural settings other than their own.  

Our founder, Mingze discovered the societal need for credible s 27 cultural reports during his time as a Judges' Clerk with the Ministry of Justice. Driven by his passion for equal justice and cultural diversity, CulturalWise was incorporated.

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