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Dr Joseph Stone

Registered Clinical Psychologist 90-05819


Dr Joseph Stone is a highly experienced clinician with over 30 years of expertise in the field of psychology. He holds a PhD in Professional-Scientific Psychology with a Clinical Emphasis from Utah State University, which he obtained in 1998. Throughout his career, Dr Stone has played various roles, including clinical psychologist, program administrator, clinical supervisor, educator, and researcher, working in diverse settings such as hospitals, clinics, universities, community centres, and correctional facilities. Dr Stone has a rich history of serving clients and organisations with a focus on improving mental health and addressing addiction-related issues. He has worked as a Clinical Supervisor for the Te Pae Tawhiti Trust's Methamphetamine Assessment & Treatment Program and has been a Clinical Psychologist at Accord Counselling and Psychological Services. His work has spanned a broad spectrum of psychological issues, including mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, ADHD, addiction, and more.

His Native American heritage has shaped his special interest in culturally-based evaluation and treatment, and he excels in cross-cultural applications of psychology. Dr Stone's background includes extensive work in Kaupapa Māori services, making him well-versed in addressing developmental trauma and addictions within this cultural context.

Dr Stone's substantial career also includes positions as a Clinical Psychologist at various health institutions, including Hawkes Bay Regional Prison and several Kaupapa Māori services. His work in the USA, particularly at Gallup Indian Medical Centre and Confederated Tribes of Grande Ronde Behavioral Health Programme, reflects a commitment to improving the quality of services for Native American communities.


Utah State University

Doctor of Philosophy in Professional-Scientific Psychology

Utah State University

Master of Science in Counselling Psychology

Montana State University

Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Psychology

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