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Dr Veronica Mao

Report Writer


Dr Mao's PhD is in Psychology from the University of Auckland. She has extensive experience in service design and research which allowed her to become skilled in interviews and understanding people’s needs. In particular, Dr Mao's research on human perception of hyper-realistic digital human has attracted industrial funding. The research focused on human emotional behaviour interactions. Dr Mao has also worked in different research roles within the University of Auckland. She has studied and lived in many countries that gave her great exposure to different cultural perceptions and fine-tuned her cultural sensitivity. She is passionate about helping people and hopes to use her knowledge to support the community.


The University of Auckland

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology

Northumbria University

Master of Science in Psychology

Northumbria Univeristy

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in International Business Management

Rest of the team

Our report writers possess the appropriate skill and knowledge specific to various cultures and have the capacity to meaningfully communicate in cultural settings other than their own.  

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